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Thirteen Goals of a Pantheist Pagan

Thirteen Goals of a Pantheist Pagan

I’ve been working on rewording certain rituals to make them fit my pantheist pagan beliefs, but one thing I’ve always liked is Wicca’s “Thirteen Goals of a Witch.” I’ve found that it aligns with my own intentions being on this spiritual path, but words like “Craft” and “Goddess and God” don’t fit in with most non-theistic pantheist beliefs.

Personally, I have no problem with the terms and am starting to view deities as archetypes and aspects of the Divine Source, or even my own higher self, and spellwork as yet another form of mediation.

Whatever these ideas may be for you, my Thirteen Goals of a Pantheist Pagan should suit the majority of pantheists who are seeking a spiritual home in paganism.

Thirteen Goals of a Pantheist Pagan

Know yourself.

Understand what you want, what makes you happy, and what inspires you. Realize your strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge your belief system.

Know your path.

Study to understand your path, even if it evolves over time, and make your path a part of your daily life.

Learn and grow.

Study beyond your path. This can include everything from ancient polytheistic traditions to the latest scientific studies. Be open-minded and embrace knowledge.

Apply knowledge with wisdom.

Apply your knowledge for the benefit of all, including yourself, using common sense and respect.

Achieve balance.

Moderation in all things. Have a sacred space to come home to at the end of a busy day. Find the ideal balance between family life, career, and your spiritual path.

Keep your words in good order.

Be as good as your word. Keep promises. Be honest. State your intentions and follow through with them. Be kind.

Keep your thoughts in good order.

Positive thinking and positive affirmations make a noticeable difference in your life. Release the negative talk and focus on the good.

Celebrate life!

Bask in those feelings of awe you get when surrounded by nature or met by an endless night sky. Live life to its fullest now rather than waiting until you get that new job, lose weight, or [insert excuse here].

Attune with the cycles of Earth.

Mark the seasons and take note of the moon’s phases. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year, if you feel compelled. Eat seasonal produce, plant a garden, enjoy seasonal outdoor activities, and decorate your home with seasonal décor.

Breathe and eat correctly.

Learn to take note of your breathing. Breathe deeply. Focus on your breath during meditation. Eat intuitively according to what feels good for and nourishes your body. And enjoy the tastes you love.

Exercise the body.

Be mindful of healthy movement, whether you enjoy rigorous daily workouts or quiet nature walks.


Embrace your favorite form of meditation, whether this involves yoga, guided meditation, spellwork and rituals, prayer, or a meditative activity like coloring or knitting.

Honor Nature.

Revere and honor the Earth and/or whatever it is you view as the Divine, being mindful of the immense awe you feel in this existence.

Many of these goals are probably things you already incorporate into your spiritual practice, but if you’re new to pantheism or paganism, you may be wondering where to start, and this can be a good jumping off point.

For those wanting a visual to save or print out, here you go! I'll also be posting this image on the new Facebook page if you're so inclined to share.

13 Goals of a Pantheist Pagan
13 Goals of a Pantheist Pagan

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